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1920s LADIES Sign Lightbox

Custom Order LADIES Sign Wooden Lightbox with 1920’s Styled Fonts

We’re delighted to have an opportunity to work with Tanner Smith’s New York City, to create Ladies sign in 1920’s style fonts completes with wooden lightbox. Tanner Smith’s – A house of cocktails, named after the legendary gangster, the unique bar and restaurant sets in a 20th century drinking house with an impressive selection of beer and spirits accompanied …

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Custom Made Double Sided Lightbox Hand Painted Sign Ceiling Hung

Custom Order Huge Double Sided Lightbox

  This double sided lightbox with hand painted logo for The Bitters Lab  is 900 x 500 mm and is ready for hanging from the ceiling. Both sides of the lightbox are handpainted with The Bitters Lab’s logo, which can be seen from the street and also from inside the store. The Bitters Lab, Melbourne’s Cocktail Mecca is located in …

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light box with vinyl record holder stand

Custom Order Lightbox with Vinyl Record Holder / Stand

  This is another creation that we are very happy of. Worked closely with our clients in Singapore. From how they envision the lightbox, we have made it happen ! The lightbox vinyl record stand manage to hold one vinyl record. And the sign says “NOW PLAYING”. We love the idea and very happy with the result. …

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custom make double sided lightbox

Custom Order Double Sided Lightbox

  Have been very excited about this custom order. We have made this double sided lightbox that says “SOCIAL” for our lovely customer in South Australia. It is also our first lightbox sign with Blue background and text with red shadow. This has given the lightbox a retro touch. We love it!       …

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