Reclaimed Old Timber

Old timber such as floor board, weatherboard and garden fencing panel, after some milling, sanding and staining, could be a beautiful unique piece of timber!  Let us know what you think about this hand-crafted recycled timber frame.

ecycled timber frame vintage postcard

recycled timber frame vintage postcard (1)


It has its own unique wood grain, organic!

Besides, we have also recycled the old timbers and hand-crafted them into artwork, flower pot hanger, shelving, table, stools, shop sign and many more.

beach house style Number plaque 7 (5)

Artwork “Number 7”

Recycled Timber Flower Pot Hanger

Flower Pot Hanger

recycled timber table stool and panel

table, stools and partition

recycled timber shelving wall mounted



Hand Painted Now Open Sign made from Recycled Timber

Hand Painted “Now Open” sign made with Recycled Timber

Advertisement Board with Recycled Timber

Ads made from Recycled Timber

Bingkai Frame Shop Sign hand painted on recycled timber

Bingkai Studio Sign

A Pile of Scraped Wood

A pile of scrap wood.

Let’s recycle and make the globe greener.