Framing of Original Artworks

Last week, we are pleased to frame some beautiful artworks of a few artists.

Fine art photography by Jane Dunning. Instead of window mounting, we had proposed to have the picture float mounted instead. This give the picture the ‘full’ view. And the space around the picture let the picture stands out.
Fine Art Photography - Float Mounted OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Linocut printing on paper by Emmet O’Dwyer. The artwork came in rolled and curled up, but we had successfully flatten it and framed it float mounted in a sleek black frame. Emmet O’Dwyer artworks are now exhibited in Boom Gallery for Bestarium Exhibition together with Kyoko Imazu and Alex Game. The exhibition is opened from Saturday 4 May until 27 May. Visit Boom Gallery and view this gorgeous show.

Fine Art Photography by Jane Dunning - Float Mount Framing

Linocut Printing on Paper by Alex Game - Float Mount


Image linked from Boom Gallery Facebook Page (

Original painting includes an embellishment of embroidery by Chelsea Gustafsson. The artwork is framed with a thick canvas float frame. Light natural Tasmanian Oak frame is chosen and it compliments the painting well.

Original Painting by CHELSEA GUSTAFSSON - Canvas Float Frame

Original Painting by CHELSEA GUSTAFSSON - Canvas Float Frame