Custom Wooden Lightbox Hand Painted Sign for Diving Lover

We have just completed two custom hand painted sign for Angie a diving lover. She needed some lightboxes for her house which has high ceiling and hard wood floor in United States. After a few sets of mock up and discussion, she had chosen 2 designs to be custom made.  Took us about 2 weeks to complete the custom signs. Then, packed and delivered via DHL Express which took only 3 business days to reach Angie. They are now lighting up their new home in the USA.

hand painted gone diving sign wooden lightbox
gone diving


hand painted sign when nothing goes right go diving
When Nothing Goes Right Dives


Oh ya… Angie shared with us her beautiful home with “When Nothing Goes Right Go Diving” lightbox.


Beautiful home with high ceiling and wooden flooring. And that handsome Christmas tree. Love ! ♥

Angie, Once again thank you!

lightbox : when nothing goes right go diving
lightbox : when nothing goes right go diving