Custom Framing Service

Conservation Framing

Conservation framing gives a high level of protection for your artwork or objects, whilst looking good and enabling you to view your framed work to best effect. By using conservation quality materials and the best techniques, we can give your work protection from physical and mechanical damage, airborne pollution and acids generated by many framing materials.

Conservation Level framing should be good for many years to come in normal conditions, but be vigilant: pictures are rarely hung in ideal conditions, so it is recommended that you have the frame checked every five years or so by a professional framer.

All techniques used are to protect and maintain the framed items’ original state. They are completely reversible, allowing the framed item to be removed from the frame at any time unharmed.

Custom Framing

A good framing draws the viewer’s eye into the framed item, it enhances the visual impact of the item.  In every framing we put in quality craftsmanship, careful attention and well-thought design.

Textile Framing

We can help you to preserve your original or vintage needlework for years to come. With a proper technique of mounting or conservation mounting, you can have your beautiful textile preserved and displayed on the wall.

Shadowed Boxes / Box Framing

Anything from baby’s first shoes, vacation souvenirs and photos, childhood (or adult!) keepsakes, to your outstanding matchbox collection, or your lovely scrapbook, we’ll help you to create a frame as unique as the items it frames.

Canvas Stretching

We have been well experienced in canvas stretching for any canvas size. We would add structural braces when needed to ensure the stretched canvas stays rigid and doesn’t warp over time.